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With its unique light taste and creamy texture, Pınar Labaneh can be wiped on your bread easily or can be used in making desserts such as tiramisu, cake, cheesecake, cookies and also pastries, soup, various starters and sausages.

As it gives delicious flavour to recipes, it is very healthy for babies and kids because of its high level of calcium content. It especially provides calcium for babies through growing stage. It can be mixed into baby food and fruit salads or you can feed your baby with small slices of bread, Pınar Labaneh on them.

In addition to these, Pınar Labaneh has a little salt. So it is an excellent nutrition source for either babies or adults, caring for a healthy nutrition.

You can discover new recipes, tastes...with Pınar Labaneh which has a multifunctional usage.

Ingredients: Pasteurized Fresh Cow's Milk, Milk Fat, Starter, Salt* 

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